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By metamorphs96 Posted in General
Multispan Portal : Cold-formed Steel


“ErectaShed”  have erected the steel frame and almost clad this “Hazardous Goods Warehouse”.   The next phase is the internal pavement slab with associated bunding and ramps.

I have been doing some research on the internet  for stormwater run-off quality improvements for this project when I came across the following post by a council being pro-active and implementing an Adopt-A-SQID scheme :  http://bit.ly/iv7hFY

 I later found this link where the acronym  has been hijacked for a Trademark ??  http://sqid.com.au/Introduction.htm


Well that was relatively painfree 🙂

So where to start – A funny thing happened to me on the way to the office today ….

There was this farmer stood in a paddick waving his arms about again – so I stopped and asked him what he was doing standing out here doing this everyday.  He said he was trying to get a “Nobel Prize”.  I asked him how he figured that – to which he replied he had been told they give them to “People who are Outstanding in their Field”   –  Dhhhhh  🙂

Ok that’s enough for a start !!

By metamorphs96 Posted in General